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Higher Education

  • Pipl (www.pipl.com) is a remarkable online backgrounding tool that pulls together a vast collection of electronic data on people by simply searching their names and locations. Search by name, email, username, or phone number. Blog posts and mailing-list posts dating back nearly two decades, news articles, website references, published documents, references on networking sites such as Flickr and Classmates.com, online photos, and professional designations all display themselves in seconds.
  • Spokeo (www.spokeo.com) is a probing search tool and people finder that scans a wide range of social-networking sites for multimedia breadcrumbs such as photos, blog postings, and videos that can lead you to the individual you seek.
  • SocialMention (www.socialmention.com) is an alert service that focuses on social-media sites. Create an alert based on the name of an individual or company and the site will deliver postings to your email address.
  • Topsy (www.topsy.com) is a flexible social media searcher that includes Tweets, photos, videos, and “influencers” that can be controlled by timeframe.
  • BlogDigger (www.blogdigger.com) is a helpful tool for finding bloggers who write about what you’re researching.
  • Whostalkin ("www.whostalkin.com) is a solid social media search tool that tracks conversations on a wide range of sources from Twitter to MySpace to Google Blogs.
  • Icerocket (www.icerocket.com) is an intuitive multi-search social media tool that seems to consistently pull up unique content that others miss.
  • Google Blog Search (www.google.com/blogsearch) is a similar blog probing search tool that will produce different results than its competitors.
  • Yippy (www.yippy.com) is another multi-purpose tool that covers blogs, images, news, and the web