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Herbert W. Jackson, Dale Temple, and Brian E. Kelly

Introduction to Electric Circuits, Eighth edition
ISBN 13: 9780195423105

About the Book

This classic work, originally published in 1959 and revised through six more editions by Prentice-Hall, set the standard for introductory circuits texts, and was for many years the best-selling book of its kind in both Canada and the United States. Acclaimed for its clear, concise explanations of difficult concepts, its comprehensive problem sets, and its authoritative coverage of the field, the book has now been thoroughly revised and updated for a whole new generation of students entering electronics, electrical, and computer engineering technology programs. New technologies and applications have been introduced throughout, and the text's mathematical and reading level have been carefully revised to meet the needs of 21st century students.

  • Comprehensive problem sets -Long renowned for the quality and number of its end-of-chapter problems and exercises, the text now boasts more problems than ever - 1500 in all! - with hundreds of new problems added to this edition and every problem carefully revised and vetted for accuracy and usefulness.
  • Clear presentation of key concepts - Praised by generations of instructors and students for its clear, accessible presentation of fundamental concepts and key examples, the text has been thoroughly revised to meet the needs of today's students and also incorporates numerous features designed to aid student understanding, including learning outcomes, chapter outlines, chapter overviews, chapter summaries, a marginal glossary, and checklists of key formulas.
  • Authoritative - The product of decades of teaching and research on the part of original author Herbert Jackson (who taught for many years at Ryerson and during his tenure with the Ontario Ministry of Education helped lay the foundations of that province's community college system) as well as by Dale Temple and Brian Kelly, distinguished instructors in their own right who have spent several years working on this revised edition, Introduction to Electric Circuits, Eighth edition provides comprehensive coverage of the field without sacrificing clarity and readability.

    New to this Edition

  • Thoroughly updated - New edition has been completely updated for the 21st century, including complete coverage of new devices and technologies and comprehensive correlation to today's curriculum requirements.
  • Wire measure - Up-to-date information on the American wire gauge system and conversions to and from the metric measure. DC motors and generators - New enhanced coverage.
  • Exciting new design - New edition has been completely redesigned using a modern colour palette to maximize readability and clarity.
  • New problems and examples - Hundreds of new problems, exercises, and examples have been added to this edition, and all problems carried over from earlier editions have been thoroughly checked and revised.

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