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Robert Bone

The Regional Geography of Canada, Fourth edition
ISBN 13: 9780195425369

About the Book

The Regional Geography of Canada, Fourth edition, introduces students to the study of Canadian geography. The book begins with Canada's physical and historical geography, and then works through demography and economic geography issues. The second part of the book examines each of Canada's six regions in depth, starting with the centre (Ontario and Quebec) and working inwards from BC and the Atlantic provinces. Bone uses an innovative approach by suggesting Canada is characterized by four 'faultlines' of tensions: Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, French and English Canadians, centrist and decentrist forces, and the forces of immigration. These tensions are explored and Bone argues they act as forces that ensure Canada will remain a country of regions.

  • Written for both majors and non-majors in student-friendly language.
  • The structure of each chapter is the same to facilitate comparisons across regional lines.
  • Each region has a key topic, or focus section, which allows students to gain in-depth knowledge about a particular industry or sector of the economy that is important to each region.
  • Pedagogically rich, with lots of vignettes (boxed inserts), tables, figures, maps, and charts. The end-of-chapter material includes notes, key terms (defined), and a bibliography and list of further readings (annotated). In addition, each chapter has an overview, list of objectives, and summary.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated using 2006 census data.

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