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William Norton

Human Geography with Companion DVD 7e / Making Sense in Geography 5e Pack
ISBN 13: 9780199003983

About the Book

Human Geography explores how human behaviour affects the earth's surface. In the course of this exploration, the text engages with subjects such as globalization, politics, biology, economics, philosophy, cultural studies, sociology, and global warming. Illustrated with a well-balanced mix of international and Canadian examples, Human Geography offers a comprehensive introduction to the discipline's essential concepts and methods. It also traces the evolution of the field, emphasizing how human geography continues to develop in response to changing human needs.

In response to the changing facts of human geography and to changing understandings of those facts, the seventh edition is changed from the sixth edition in four substantive ways. First, there is much new content, both in the form of some new sections and also new material added to existing discussions. Second, there is an increased emphasis on providing information for students in easily readable ways though the addition of new figures, tables, and boxes, through the redrawing of all of the maps, and through an enhanced listing of helpful websites at the end of each chapter. Third, much of the detailed factual content in this seventh edition is new, especially relating to topics such as environmental change, population, political developments, and economic change. Finally, the entire text has been revised for clarity and readability, and a number of errors have been corrected.

Readership : First-year students of human geography at the undergraduate level.


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