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Video Links

Overview / Urban Futures

“Our Future in Cities,” TED Playlists.

Children in the City

“Jennifer Keesmaat: Walk to School,” TEDxRegina

Demographic Change

“The New Generation: Are Millennials Changing the Game?” Simon Fraser University Continuing Studies


“Alex Steffen: The Shareable Future of Cities,” TED Global.

“Jamie Lerner: A Song of the City,” TED2007.

“Bill Rees: Vancouver: Metropolitan Sustainability and Urban Development,” Planning the Vancouver Metropolitan Region Symposium.


“Growing Good Food Ideas,” Sustain Ontario.

Gender/Sexuality in the City

OPA|CITY. Gender. Space. Intersections: Vani Subramanian.

Global Cities

“Making Room for Urban Expansion,” NYU Stern Urbanization Project.


“Big Cities, SmallMayors,” CBC The National.

“How Cities Make Us Sick,” CBC The National.

“Canada’s Big Cities,” CBC Power & Politics


“Housing the Future,” uWaterloo, School of Planning, Discussion Panel

“Our Stories, Our Communities: Regent Park Revitalization,” Centre for Community Learning & Development

“Voices of Cabrini: Remaking Chicago’s Housing,” Ronit Bezalel.

“Highrise: The Towers in the World, World in the Towers,” NFB Canada.

“One Millionth Tower,” NFB Canada

Knowledge Economy / Creativity Economy

“Building the Creative Economy: An Interview with Richard Florida,” McKinsey & Company.

Public Space

“The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces,” William H. Whyte.


“A Suburban Revolution: Understanding Suburbanization,” P. Mendez, M. Moos, & A. Mabin

“A Suburban Revolution: Infrastructure,” P. Filion & L. Johnson.

“James Howard Kunstler: The Ghastly Tragedy of the Suburbs,” TED2004.


“Jonas Eliasson: How to Solve Traffic Jams,” TEDxHelvetia.