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J. Bumsted

Peoples of Canada: A Post-Confederation History, 3e
ISBN 13: 9780195423419

About the Book

The Peoples of Canada: A Post-Confederation History, 3/e, examines the history of Canada from Confederation to the contemporary issues now facing Canadians. The volume examines the early years after Confederation, the development of culture and industry in Canada, the emergence of the 'national question' and the later Quiet Revolution, social reform, the Great War, the inter-war years, the Second World War both at home and Canada's role overseas, the urban and subsequent suburbanization of Canada, the search for social justice, the political fragmentation of the country in the 1970s onwards, the introduction of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and accompanying constitutional debates, and Canada's role in world affairs since 1946. This edition will maintain the political framework from earlier editions, while enhancing classroom discussion through the inclusion of provocative topics such as Aboriginal history, women, contemporary foreign policy, and general political history.

  • Both the narrative and pedagogy have been thoroughly updated to reflect the current social, political, economic states of Canada.
  • Brief essays at the beginning of each part set the overall context for students.
  • Bumsted writes in a lively style that makes the text accessible to students.
  • New material on women, Aboriginal peoples, ethnic minorities, and current events.

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