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Olive Dickason, adapted by Moira Calder

A Concise History of Canada's First Nations
ISBN 13: 9780195424157

About the Book

A Concise History of Canada's First Nations is a concise version of the bestselling history of Canada's original inhabitants, Indians, Inuit, and Metis. Using an interdisciplinary approach that combines the techniques from history, anthropology, and archaeology, Dickason and Calder trace the history of the more than 50 First Nations in the territory that is now Canada, beginning with the arrival of people in North America across the Bering Strait many thousands of years ago.

  • Treats the historical narrative from an indigenous perspective
  • Presents sophisticated material in a manner suitable for an introductory audience
  • Offers students the scholarship and authority that distinguish the original book
  • Includes many maps, timelines, boxes, and photos, as well as weblinks, and further readings
  • The entire book has been carefully edited and rewritten to fit a one-semester course
  • The chapter introduction and conclusions have rewritten to permit a better overall flow
  • There is now more material on the politics of the 1930-1960s era
  • A glossary of important names and events has been added
  • The pedagogy from the original book has been strengthened and now includes maps, timelines, boxes, photos, weblinks, a glossary, and further readings

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