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A History of the Canadian Peoples, Fourth Edition : Chapter 3

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) For First Nations peoples
b) For fur traders and the economy of Quebec
c) For new immigrant settlers arriving in British North America
d) As a buffer zone between British colonial territory and Spanish Louisiana

Question 2:

a) the arrival of a new Catholic bishop
b) s shortage of food supplies
c) the emerging political turmoil in the southern colonies
d) an increase in problems in the French Canadian fur trade

Question 3:

a) calling a conference of First Nations in the Great Lakes region
b) refusing to sell any European goods to Aboriginal peoples
c) recalling all guns traded or sold to Aboriginal people south of the Great Lakes
d) giving Aboriginal people blankets infected with smallpox

Question 4:

a) attacking the British Navy at Halifax
b) authorizing an invasion of Quebec
c) refusing to purchase fish from Newfoundland
d) sending armed ships into the St. Lawrence River

Question 5:

a) avoid unnecessary violence and warfare and to re-educate Aboriginal people
b) keep the southern colonies under control
c) usurp the power of the Catholic Church in North America
d) increase the economy of British North America through financial penalties

Question 6:

a) an increase of new English-speaking settlers to increase the Anglophone demographic
b) the ability to add to Canada’s agricultural economy
c) economic stimulus to the merchant community
d) an increased European population to supersede the number of First Nations peoples

Question 7:

a) split Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada
b) made Rupert’s Land a part of British North America
c) introduced French as one of two official languages
d) increased the amount of taxes paid by Canadians

Question 8:

a) Ireland and Germany
b) British Isles and the United States
c) Scotland and the Netherlands
d) Germany and the United States

Question 9:

a) a consortium of fur trade merchants determined to overtake the Hudson’s Bay Company’s control of Rupert’s Land
b) the Anglophone oligarchy that ran the government of Lower Canada
c) a group of Montreal business men interested in bringing the railway to the St. Lawrence valley
d) an intellectual group of Lower Canada elites petitioning the government to build a university in Montreal

Question 10:

a) an opportunity to regain possession of the American colonies lost in the American Revolution
b) a necessary event to better define the border between the United States and British North America
c) proof that Canada was unable to protect itself and needed Britain’s support
d) little more than a side effect of the major struggle, that is, the European war against Napoleon