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Weblinks: Chapter 4

Canada Science and Technology Museum

This site provides small images (but they can be increased in size) of various stages of development, over time, of technological changes related to transportation, communication, work activities, clothing, leisure activities, and so forth.


Multi-links for Snowshoeing in Canada

This is less an historical site and more of a contemporary one about various aspects of snowshoeing in contemporary life. Products, articles, outfitters, finding instructors, trails, tours—in short, almost any aspect of snowshoeing is profiled on this site.


Montreal History and Images

This is the Image Gallery of the McCord Museum of Canadian History website, an incredibly rich resource of images and artifacts about Canada’s past. Some of the very best photographs of nineteenth century Canadian sport are available through a search engine attached to this site. It is particularly focused on Quebec and Montreal history.

http://www.virtualmuseum.ca/PM.cgi?LM=Gallery&scope=Gallery&LANG= English&mark=&AP=M_E_display&Page=MCCDI.html

Montreal History LInks (including professional sport history)

This site presents a very detailed and itemized set of links concerning Montreal’s past and its sporting past, including a section on many of the professional sport teams that were and/or are centred in Montreal.


McCord Museum of Canada History

This is the full McCord Museum website, done in the format of a learning centre complete with downloadable apps, and links for Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Significant Dates in Canadian Railway History

This is a very detailed, chronological listing of “firsts” and accomplishments regarding the vast array of Canadian railways since the middle of the nineteenth century.


Penny Farthing Bicycles

This site is one of the most comprehensive ones on the history of the penny farthing bicycles and their derivatives. It is done in the format of well-organized links in broad categories such as Museums and Collections, History and Research, Manufacturers/Parts through to Antique-, Vintage- and Modern-sites of interest.


Curling History Overview

This is the International Curling Information Network Group (ICING) site that lists broad milestone points in the history of curling.


Women’s Amateur Athletic Federation of Canada and Women’s Sport History

This is a very extensive site devoted to the advancement of women and sport and physical activity. It has a wealth of information about gender equity, influential women, archival materials, and contemporary programs for women in various ages and stages of their lives.


History of Hockey Canada and Amateur Hockey in Canada

This is Hockey Canada’s official website; it has some historical material but is more about promoting hockey in Canada.