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Weblinks: Chapter 5

Lacrosse History on Wikipedia

While Wikipedia’s accuracy as a resource base depends on the quality of its contributors, this site on lacrosse is replete with links, historical overviews, and resources on or about lacrosse.


CBC Radio Audio Excerpts about Lacrosse History

This CBC site has digital and audio records of the game, both historical and contemporary in nature.


Canadian Lacrosse Association

This is a contemporary information and organizational site. All of the participating provinces and territories links are provided along with the coaching program, team Canada (men’s and women’s), and Hall of Fame links.


Baseball’s Beginnings in Canada

On first glance, this is a modest and small-scope site about the beginnings of baseball in Canada. However, to the contrary, the site has a vast network of linkages to “things” Canadian—patriotic songs, anthems, symbols of Canada, facts, Canadianisms, etc.


Dr Barney and Dr Bouchier’s Account about Adam Ford

This is a link to a very well researched article that uses a single piece of evidence—a letter written by Adam Ford, to examine the claim that baseball might have been invented in Canada.


Western Canada Baseball History

Baseball in Western Canada has an extensive past. This site provides links and resources pertaining to various leagues and teams that existed and/or still exist in prairie towns and cities.


Stanley Cup History and Lore

This is the official site of the Hockey Hall of Fame. It is very well laid out in topical, searchable areas such as legends of the game, teams, statistics, merchandise, general histories, photo collections and a virtual tour of the Stanley Cup.