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Weblinks: Chapter 6

Louis Cyr: Wikipedia

This is the Wikipedia information on Cyr. The links to various aspects of his career, his contemporaries, his feats, and resources about him are quite good.


Louis Cyr, celebrated in French Canada

This is the general site for a municipality in Quebec, one that has considerable claim to Cyr’s life and exploits as one of its residents. It celebrates his life and accomplishments and is written completely in French.


Ned Hanlan: Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

This site is the national sports hall of fame’s site devoted to profiling Hanlan’s career, biography, images, and so forth.


Children’s Literature on Hanlan (Fire on the Water book by Wendy A. Lewis)

This is a link to a very well written biography of Hanlan, one intended for audiences who range in age from 10–15.


Hanlan: Early Tobacco Card

This is an Australian perspective on Hanlan’s loss of his world championship status to Australian oarsman, William Beach in 1884; it features two early tobacco company-sponsored cards of the two scullers.


Rubenstein Brothers Company

This is an historical and contemporary sketch of the history of the Company established by Louis and his brothers as a brass foundry and machine shop.


International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, Rubenstein citation

This is a very brief, but important tribute to Louis for the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.


Barbara Ann Scott Photo Gallery

The gallery of photos on Scott provided at this “Canoe” site is very good in terms of snap-shooting her during various stages of her career and post-career. Click on “Photo Gallery” under her picture.


Barbara Ann Scott Doll

This is a good overview of the Reliable Toy Company’s story of the Scott doll.


YouTube’s Video of the Seoul Olympic Games 100-metre Final

This is the 100 meter final at the 1988 Olympic Games when Johnson soundly defeated his competitors.


CBC Archives of Video Clips on Ben Johnson

This site is a series of CBC television and radio clips of the Ben Johnson Story. The site includes other sporting historical clips such as that of the Marilyn Bell swim of Lake Ontario in 1954.


National Film Board of Canada: The Sweater

This is a full version of the classic story—by Roch Carrier—The Hockey Sweater. The film is ten minutes in length and replete with hockey charm and lore.