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Weblinks: Chapter 7

The Canadian Press

This site explains how the Canadian Press along with its French-language counterpart, La Presse Canadienne, works. CP is Canada’s multimedia news agency, jointly owned by three of Canada’s best known and most respected media companies.


The Associated Press

This is the Associated Press’ detailed website about its media resources, activities, and professional scope.


The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport (CAAWS)

This is a very extensive site devoted to the advancement of women and sport and physical activity. It has a wealth of information about gender equity, influential women, archival materials, and contemporary programs for women in various ages and stages of their lives.


Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame’s mission is to promote the importance of sport to Canadian culture, families and communities by sharing the compelling stories of our outstanding achievements in Canadian sport. This site is devoted to imaging that mission and providing images and resources pertinent to promoting Canadian sport in all its diverse aspects.


The Lou Marsh Legacy Site

This is a set of educational resources and lesson plans centered on Marsh as sportswriter and his legacy.


Ted Reeve’s Honoured Member, Canadian Sports Hall of Fame Biography

This site features a brief bio on Reeve together with the best set of pictures of Reeve that have been retained.


Myrtle Cook Tribute

This is a brief “theme” or athletic biography of Cook by Library and Archives Canada. The sources at the bottom are quite good on profiling her accomplishments as an athlete and writer.


Jewish Women’s Archive of Bobbie Rosenfeld

This site features an article on Rosenfeld with a very useful set of resources and sources on her life and accomplishments.