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Weblinks: Chapter 8

Gender Education and Advocacy

This website advocates for education about issues relating to gender, including advisories for medical procedures and products, tributes to victims of gender-based violence, and resources for individuals seeking help in areas such as child custody, surgery, and employment.


Laboratory for Leisure, Tourism and Sport: Readings in Violence and Sport

A list of readings on violence and sport compiled by Andrew Yiannakis.


Sport and Masculinity

A report authored by Michael Messner et al. analyzing how sports programming and television commercials present biased messages about gender to children.


Fashion History

In addition to documenting and illustrating changing fashion styles from the 1800s to 2012, this site explores related social and technological changes as well.


Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Team

Library and Archives Canada provides a brief history of the Grads and a limited list of historical sources.


Bodybuilding History

An extensive presentation of bodybuilders in history, accompanied by numerous photographs and PDF documents of early training manuals, and many period newspaper and magazine articles.


Sport and Eating Disorders

A help-based site explaining the issue of eating disorders as it relates to exercise and athletes. Accompanied by a comprehensive set of links dedicated to other related issues such as anorexia, body image, self-esteem, and nutrition.