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Higher Education


Eric Henderson

Writing By Choice
ISBN 13: 9780195420777

About the Book

Writing by Choice seeks to teach the basic principles of effective writing and to give student writers the knowledge they need to make successful and empowering choices in their writing from essays in college and university to business letters to all forms of personal communication. This text provides students with a detailed, holistic, and widely applicable approach to developing writing skills. Its approach to many topics is through open-ended questions, rather than via definitive statements to encourage the connection between thinking and writing.

  • Provides detailed treatment for three kinds of essays: argumentative, expository, and literary
  • Includes specialized writing contexts including in-class or examination essay, on-line writing, and journalistic writing
  • The grammar and composition sections stress the developmental approach of identifying, applying, and integrating
  • Includes many examples, most of which are taken from student writing, allowing students to see the relevance of the material to their own writing
  • The exercsies include sentences and paragraphs from student writing to help reinforce the rules and concepts as they can be applied to realistic, everyday writing contexts
  • Provides full-length student essays to illustrate expressive, argumentative, expository, literary, and in-class writing as well as MLA, APA, and Chicago documentation styles
  • The student writing reflects a variety of disciplines, including biology, classical studies, economics, environmental studies, history, kinesiology, literature, political science, and psychology
  • Includes detailed peer edits forms and extensive information on proofreading showing students how to be competent editors, while enabling them to take a more critical approach to their own writing
  • Provides information on electronic searches and using the Internet for research

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