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Higher Education

Vocabulary Quiz, The Active Reader

Instructions: Choose the option that best represents the meaning of the italicized word(s). In some cases, you should be able to infer the word’s meaning from the context; in others, you may have to use a dictionary. If two words seem similar in meaning, choose the one that best fits the context in which the word occurs. If you choose an incorrect answer, consult The Active Reader for the context of the sentence (the relevant page numbers will appear along with the solutions when you submit your answers).

Question 1:

a) excessive
b) undeniable
c) primary
d) circumstantial

Question 2:

a) din
b) meaninglessness
c) perversion
d) repetition

Question 3:

a) criminal
b) impoverished
c) varied
d) sparse

Question 4:

a) entertainment
b) supplementary
c) survival
d) essential

Question 5:

a) relax
b) reduce
c) substantiate
d) elevate

Question 6:

a) system
b) origins
c) science
d) consequences

Question 7:

a) joke
b) spectacle
c) disaster
d) success

Question 8:

a) favourable to
b) similar to
c) suggestive of
d) threatening to

Question 9:

a) popularity
b) acceptance
c) equality
d) dominance

Question 10:

a) sociable
b) picturesque
c) uninteresting
d) busy

Question 11:

a) different
b) supporting
c) opposite
d) stubbornly contrary

Question 12:

a) death threats
b) gestures
c) name-calling
d) blackmail

Question 13:

a) injustices, inherent
b) inequalities, common
c) distinctions, inherent
d) discrimination, infrequent

Question 14:

a) unity, disaster
b) melding, demon
c) melding, fate
d) government, demon

Question 15:

a) unruly, clumsy
b) hopeful, unified
c) unfriendly, armed
d) divided, broken