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Higher Education

Grammar Exercises: Chapter 13

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Exercises 13.1 (Pages 414–415)

Many of the sentences below include one or more subject–verb agreement errors; correct errors where required.

  1. The issue of Aboriginal self-government and the place of Indigenous peoples in Canadian society are questions that have existed since Confederation.
  2. Today, a person of any ethnicity can immigrate to Canada and are legally able to retain his or her cultural heritage under the Canadian Multiculturalism Act.
  3. Persistence as well as a saleable product are said to be the key to creativity.
  4. With the growth of sports come the development of performance-enhancing drugs.
  5. Just as height and eye colour is determined by genetics, creativity may be determined, in part, by our DNA.


Exercise 13.2 (Pages 418–419)

Correct any errors in pronoun–antecedent agreement or sexist usage.

  1. Texting behind the wheel is very dangerous because the driver is focusing on their phone rather than on their immediate surroundings.
  2. The annual salary of a professional athlete may be as much as an average fan makes in his entire lifetime.
  3. It seems that nearly everyone on campus walks around with an iPhone or similar divice in their pocket.
  4. Copy protection is often ignored as it inconveniences the consumer and makes him or her allies of those who pirate music.
  5. Alberta is taking the problem of homelessness seriously as they have created a ten-year plan to address it.


Exercise 13.3 (Page 425)

Fix the sentences below, which all contain one of the kinds of pronoun errors discussed on pages 419–425: pronoun reference, consistency, or case.

  1. If people can control their stress, it can play a beneficial role in our lives.
  2. Internet bullying allows harassers to torment their victims as they do not have to disclose their identities.
  3. Agriculture in North America is affected by any decrease in the bee population because they rely heavily on honeybees for plant pollination.
  4. Leaders who people look up to are those who follow their own inner voice.
  5. Many experts believe that sentencing a person whom is mentally ill to prison will aggravate the illness.
  6. By determining the number of homeless people in the province, it will help government agencies develop appropriate programs.
  7. Jody and she were told to work with Yasmin and I on the group project.
  8. It is fair for fans to complain about athletes’ salaries because we are the ones who help pay for the salaries by buying tickets.
  9. After the author’s attention-grabbing introduction, she became bogged down in irrelevant detail.
  10. Many images allude to religion, and this contributes to the poem’s complexity.


Exercise 13.4 (Pages 428–429

Fix problems with modifiers.

  1. Drawing from numerous sources, the credibility of your essay will be improved.
  2. A glittering mass of red and green, I carefully studied the hummingbird that was hovering above me.
  3. An athlete’s body needs time to heal after a traumatic event like concussion, which can take many weeks.
  4. Although living in the digital age, it is a fact that many people still prefer print to electronic books.
  5. When examining Pablo Picasso’s art, his paintings often portray people with distorted faces.
  6. Ranging from mild to acute, UNICEF reports that 20 per cent of Iraq’s 3.5 million children suffer from malnutrition.
  7. Being a social sciences student, the essays I have to write require the use of different citation styles.
  8. I only deleted a few hundred of my emails, leaving most of them for later.
  9. Musicians often have an enhanced memory, which is even useful for non-musical tasks.
  10. Touring is an excellent method for creating togetherness, whether travelling across the province or across the country.


Exercise 13.5 (Page 433)

Correct parallelism errors.

  1. A healthy workout routine not only improves your physical shape but also your general health.
  2. Jenny was faced with an immediate decision: to drop the course or continuing in spite of several missed classes.
  3. Increasing the responsibilities of pharmacists would reduce health care costs, assist with patient care, and, importantly, it would effectively utilize skilled personnel.
  4. There have been several proposals to either abolish the Senate or reforming it to make it a more democratic institution.
  5. The essay we read appeals more to the reader's emotions than simple logic.
  6. The Wii is the best value for video gamers as it suits all ages and types of gamers, costs less than its competitors, and it is more widely available.
  7. Students with ADD must develop an understanding of their disorder and which interventions are the most effective.
  8. It is faster and healthier to cook a meal from fresh ingredients than eating in most restaurants these days.
  9. This essay will discuss the stereotypes of femininity and masculinity and how they perpetuate gender inequality.
  10. For most of his career, Tiger Woods was recognized not only as the world’s best golfer but one of athletics’ role models.