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Lewis Vaughn and Chris MacDonald

The Power of Critical Thinking, Canadian edition
ISBN 13: 9780195425031

About the Book

The Power of Critical Thinking is an introductory text for courses in critical thinking. This book covers arguments, belief and doubt, faulty reasoning, deductive and inductive reasoning, and inference; it also offers an introduction to the issues specific to both scientific and moral reasoning. The authors' presentation emphasizes the application of critical thinking skills in disciplines outside of philosophy. The colloquial and friendly tone makes a potentially difficult subject accessible to students. The addition of Canadian material has only enhanced this accessibility by providing students with examples and illustrations that will be familiar to them.

  • Student-friendly tone that presents concepts and examples in clear, informal and conversational prose.
  • Includes exercises to help students better understand and apply concepts.
  • Students and instructors alike benefit from ancillary material, such as a test bank, PowerPoint slides, and an online study guide.
  • References to Canadian places, persons, political events, and current debates help Canadian students to relate to the text and help them to place key concepts in a familiar context.
  • Extensive pedagogical program that includes exercises; examples and illustrations' writing modules; three types of boxes: Review Notes, Highlights of Previous Chapters, and Further Thought; opening 'reminder' sections and end-of-chapter summaries; glossary of key terms.

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