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Lewis Vaughn and Chris MacDonald

The Power of Critical Thinking : Second Canadian Edition
ISBN 13: 9780199003884

About the Book

The Power of Critical Thinking is an introductory text for courses in critical thinking. This book covers arguments, belief and doubt, faulty reasoning, deductive and inductive reasoning, and inference; it also offers an introduction to the issues specific to both scientific and moral reasoning. The authors' presentation emphasizes the application of critical thinking skills in disciplines outside of philosophy.

The text starts by examining the basic concepts required to think critically, then moves on to such compelling topics as how to assess the credibility of a website, how to judge paranormal claims, why it's important to be wary of advertising, and how psychological and social factors such as bias, habit, tradition, emotions and philosophical outlook impede clear thinking. Five writing modules walk students through the process of drafting a clear and concise analytical research paper, free of logical missteps and inaccuracies. The colloquial and friendly tone makes a potentially difficult subject very accessible to students. This successful Canadian adaptation makes the text relevant to students by providing examples and illustrations that will be familiar to them.

Readership : University and college students enrolled in courses on critical thinking, usually at the first- or second-year level.


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