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Film Clips, Chapter 5

Branches of Government

1989: Gunman Massacres 14 Women at Montreal's École Polytechnique

The cold-blooded murder of 14 women at the Montreal Ecole Polytechnique in 1989 shocked a nation, and the world. It also pushed feminism to the forefront of news and commentary. The murderer, Marc Lepine, separated men from women, and then stated to the women “I hate feminists,” before opening fire. He killed 14, and injured 12 before turning the gun on himself. It remains the largest mass murder in Canadian history.

Does Racism Affect How You Vote?

Nate Silver was renowned for his ability to predict ballgames and playoffs. He turned his attention to politics, with remarkably accurate results. While some disputed his non-academic approach, his analysis could not be ignored. In this fascinating video, Silver assesses the role of race in US elections, looking primarily at the 2008 election, but also referencing earlier races.

The Case for Same-Sex Marriage

Legislators in New York State rejected a bill for same-sex marriage in 2010. But before the vote was called, State Senator Diane Savino made an impassioned plea on the floor for the bill’s passing. Calling our view on conventional marriage “cavalier,” Savino argued that homosexuals deserved the same rights. Personal, anecdotal, humorous, and pointed, she connected same sex marriage to political freedoms, rights, and the basis for American values to the call for same-sex union.

1982: Trudeau Brings home the Constitution

One of Pierre Trudeau’s legacies as prime minister was the patriation of the constitution to Canada in 1982. This video captures that rainy April day when Trudeau, alongside Queen Elizabeth II and other prominent officials, proclaimed the fully sovereign status for Canada. He speaks of the inclusion of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as symbolic of Canada’s values and attitudes to its citizens.