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Human Sexuality: Chapter 17

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the “Submit my answers” button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) Sexual harassment
b) Sexual assault
c) Stalking
d) Teasing

Question 2:

a) They all meet the criteria for sexual paraphilia not otherwise specified on the DSM-5.
b) They all will score lower than average on an emotional intelligence scale.
c) They all had non-consensual sexual contact with someone.
d) They all will offend again if not penalized.

Question 3:

a) Frotterism
b) Alcohol dependence
c) Sexual sadism
d) Substance abuse

Question 4:

a) It is a sub-category of “sexual offences” in the Criminal Code.
b) It is its own category in the Criminal Code.
c) It is a category in the Criminal Code with sub-sections included “aggravated,” “statutory,” and “aggravated rape with a weapon.”
d) It is s sub-category of “assault” in the Criminal Code.

Question 5:

a) 15
b) 16
c) 17
d) 18

Question 6:

a) The acute phase
b) The denial phase
c) The reorganization phase
d) The flight phase

Question 7:

a) Flashbacks and anxiety
b) Slow healing
c) Depression
d) Anger

Question 8:

a) It is both a socio-cultural and a situational factor.
b) It is both an interpersonal and situational factor.
c) It is both a socio-cultural and interpersonal factor.
d) It is both a personal and an interpersonal factor.

Question 9:

a) The victim using physical force against the attacker
b) The victim pleading with the attacker
c) The victim biting the attacker
d) The victim fleeing from the attacker

Question 10:

a) Less than a year jail sentence
b) Between one and three years jail sentence
c) Between two and five years jail sentence
d) Between five and seven years jail sentence