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Ken Paterson, Mark Harison, Norman Coe, John Eastwood and George Yule

Canadian Grammar Spectrum
Level 1 ISBN 13: 9780195447040
Level 2 ISBN 13: 9780195447057
Level 3 ISBN 13: 9780195447064
Level 4 ISBN 13: 9780195448337
Level 5 ISBN 13: 9780195448344
Level 6 ISBN 13: 9780195448351
Level 7 ISBN 13: 9780195448368
Level 8 ISBN 13: 9780195448375

About the Book

Canadian Grammar Spectrum is an eight-level series of grammar reference and practice books for ESL students. Lessons include clear and concise explanations, followed by a variety of short, relevant practice exercises. Each book in the series can be used on its own as a grammar reference and exercise book or as a supplement to a coursebook at the same level.

Sample Material

Level 1 Sample Unit and Table of Contents

Level 2 Table of Contents

Level 3 Table of Contents

Level 4 Table of Contents

Level 5 Table of Contents

Level 6 Table of Contents

Level 7 Table of Contents

Level 8 Table of Contents

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