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Editorial Policy

  1. Mission
  2. Editorial Focus
  3. Format
  4. Editors
  5. Editorial Board
  6. Editorial Process
  7. Publishing Agreement and Copyright

1. Our Mission is to:

Advance the discipline of Real Estate through the publication of the highest quality academic manuscripts informed by inter-disciplinary insight and international perspectives.

Create a space in which academics from across cognate disciplines can explore issues in Real Estate collaboratively, each bringing a unique insight, conceptual framework, method, and imagination to bear on common issues and problems.

To foster global, comparative, and inter-cultural research, by encouraging collaboration across borders.

2. Editorial Focus

The Homburg/Oxford University Press covers the new agenda in Real Estate by encouraging a multi-disciplinary and international approach to current and emerging issues in the built environment.

The series welcomes original titles on a variety of topics, including appraisal and valuation, architecture and design, banking and financial services, building technology and construction, business management in Real Estate, engineering, project management, law and regulation, Real Estate development, spatial planning, surveying, and urban economics.

Volumes that integrate complementary disciplinary perspectives are particularly welcome, as are those that take an international or international comparative perspective.

All topics in Real Estate shall be considered, though the Series encourages works that engage issues of contemporary relevance, including advanced techniques and models, corporate responsibility, entrepreneurialism, environmental sustainability, and healthy living spaces.

Manuscripts in the Series should advance knowledge and understanding in the academy, whilst remaining relevant to professional audiences.

3. Format

Books in the Series may be single-authored monographs, co-authored or multi-authored monographs, or edited volumes by single or joint volume editors.  These may include research-oriented manuscripts intended for an academic and professional audience, as well as textbooks intended for students.

As a condition of acceptance in the Series, all volumes shall conform to the standard guidelines of Oxford University Press (Oxford University Press Canada “Guidelines for Authors”, as amended from time to time).

Books normally will be from 75,000 to 90,000 words in length (250-300 pages) including illustrations, notes, bibliography, and indexes.

4. Editors

The Editors will:

i.    Publicise the series
ii.    Solicit, receive, and review manuscripts
iii.    Secure external peer-reviews for manuscripts and liaise with authors
iv.    Propose volumes deemed worthy of publication to Oxford University Press

5. Editorial Board

An Editorial Board will assist the Editors and the publisher. The Board Membership shall have broad geographic scope, and a broad representation of the disciplines in Real Estate covered by the Series. Board Members will normally be appointed for five years, renewable. Board Members may be academics or practitioners of Real Estate.

Members of the Editorial Board will:

i.    Act as external peer-reviewers of manuscripts or suggest external peer-reviewers
ii.    Assist the Editors with decisions and recommendations to Oxford University Press
iii.    Provide strategic advice and guidance on current issues in Real Estate
iv.    Promote the Book Series among their peers and encourage submissions to the Book Series

6. Editorial Process

All book proposals made by authors shall be made following the normal format for book proposals of Oxford University Press, as amended from time to time.

Authors may submit manuscripts, or manuscript proposals to either the Editors or the Publisher.  The Editors and the Publisher work collaboratively.  Proposals by authors made directly to the Series Editors are shared with OUP, and conversely, proposals made to OUP are shared with the Series Editors.

Oxford University Press and the Series Editors shall determine jointly, on the advice and recommendation of external peer-reviewers, whether a title is suitable for inclusion in the Book Series.

All manuscripts considered for inclusion in the Series shall be shall be subject to an external, double-blind, peer-review process. Normally three reviews will be sought for each title.

Peer-reviewers of a manuscript may recommend 1) publication; 2) publication after amendment; 3) rejection.  All amendments made by the authors are subject to a second review, usually by the original reviewer.

The Series Editors will normally recommend a title for publication to OUP if it has received at least two favourable recommendations for publication.

The decision to publish a title ultimately rests with Oxford University Press.

On acceptance of a proposal, authors will negotiate a publishing agreement directly with Oxford University Press, including assignment of copyright. The Editors are not party to these negotiations, but are kept informed of the process as it progresses.