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Unit 1

Canada, Geography, and You

Part 1: Canada’s Geographic Character

Canada’s Landscapes and How They Formed

Part 2: Everything Is Connected

Nature Affects People

  • National Resources Canada
    Page 24: National Topographic System
    Learn how to read and use a topographic map.

  • Google
    Page 24: Forbidden Plateau, British Columbia
    Use a search engine such as Google to learn more about places, events, and people across the country.

People Affect the Natural Environment

  • Canadian Geographic Watershed Maps
    Page 29: Interactive Watershed Maps
    Follow this link to find your local watershed or to explore interactive watershed maps for anywhere in Canada.

Part 3: Geography Can Make Your Life Better

The Roadmap to Geographic Inquiry

  • DigitalGlobe
  • GeoEye
    Page 39: DigitalGlobe and Space Imaging
    Discover how satellites are created, how they work, and what they are used for.