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Chapter Links Unit 4: Gaining Confidence, 1960-1980

Chapter 11: A Changing Society

Expo 67:

Canada in the 1960's:

The Indian Acts:

Assembly of First Nations and the White Paper:

Can-con and the CRTC:

Atlantic Revolution and the Newfoundland Resettlement Program:

Chapter 12: Language and Culture

Bilingualism and Biculturalism Commission and Francophones in Canada:
  • Fighting Words: Bill 101
    Watch CBC news clips and listen to radio clips about Bill 101 and Canada's French language laws.

  • The Road to Bilingualism
    Watch CBC news clips and listen to radio clips that deal with public opinions of bilingualism and the complexities of implementing it.



Parti Québécois:

Canada's Immigration and Multicultural Policies:

Chapter 13: Economic Expansion and Crisis

Oil Crisis and Canada-U.S. Economic Relations:

The Growth of Labour Unions and the National Day of Protest:

Chapter 14: Canada and the World

Canada's Social Programs:

NATO Involvement and Events:

Canada's Role in UN Missions and Development Aid:
  • Development Aid
    This site has a variety of links to Canada's role in helping with development and aid.

  • United Nations Peacekeeping
    This is the official website for the United Nations and its peacekeeping efforts.