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General Reference Unit 1: Emerging Identity, 1914-1920

  • Canadian Great War Project
    The Canadian Great War Project is a collaborative site dedicated to providing a single, easily searchable source for information on Canadian men and women that served during World War 1, including individual entries, photos, and transcribed war diaries, letters, newspaper articles, book/media descriptions and reviews, among other items.

  • Canada and the First World War
    This is the official First World War site of the Library and Archives Canada. Each time a word or phrase is underlined, clicking on it will take you to photos, diaries, and reminiscences.

  • The Canadian War Museum
    This national museum's site presents Canada's military past and how it shaped our country.

  • Canadians at War: First World War
    This War Amps site contains photos, songs, poetry, reminiscences, and documentaries. Click on the links to the videos to watch clips, read the script, or see a summary of the video.

  • The Great
    This site has links to maps, directions, etc., if one wishes to visit battlefields; links of interest are a good resource of current efforts and organizations attempting to honour veterans’ memories and to record and help preserve them.

  • History By the Minute
    This site produces 1 minute clips of various points in Canadian history. For WWI: Home from the Wars, John McCrae, Valour Road, and Vimy Ridge.

  • Royal Canadian Legion of Newfoundland and Labrador
    This site covers every aspect of Newfoundland and Labrador's involvement in the war. Beaumont Hamel is included.

  • Veterans Affairs Canada
    If you enter "World War 1" in the search line on the opening page, it will bring up a list of battles, memorials, and related material about Canadians and Newfoundlanders in the war. If you enter "Aboriginal Spiritual Journey", you'll find a page on Aboriginal contributions to Canada’s military in World War I and at other times.

  • Official First World War website of the department of Veterans Affairs
    There are interviews, diaries, and a section about John McCrae.

Women in the War:

Journalism programs: