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General Reference Unit 5: Reaching Maturity, 1980-Present

Chapter 15: Technology, Globalization, and Free Trade

  • International Trade Canada
    This site has information about the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, and the Free Trade Area of the Americas.

  • Marc Garneau: Canadian Space Pioneer
    Watch CBC news clips and listen to radio clips about Marc Garneau, the first Canadian to serve on a NASA space mission.

  • Softwood lumber dispute
    This site has information about the recent Canada and U.S. lumber dispute.

  • Trade by Product
    Use this tool to discover how much Canada imports or exports to various countries throughout the world.

Chapter 16: Canadians: Citizens of the World

  • Cadets Canada
    This site has information about the Cadets. The Cadets is a federally sponsored program for young Canadians who are interested in participating in a variety of activities and learning more about the Canadian Forces.

  • Canadian International Development Agency
    The site contains the Canadian International Development Agency's policy statement on strengthening aid effectiveness.

  • G-8 Defined
    This site provides information on the G8 and explains their role.

  • The International Campaign to Ban Landmines
    This site is a network of more than 1400 non-governmental organizations working in 90 countries, trying to ban landmines globally.

  • Tsunami Relief
    This article provides information about Canada's contribution to the Tsunami relief in Asia.

  • UN Office of the Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery
    This UN site provides updates on the recovery of various nations that were devastated by the tsunami.

Chapter 17: Politics and the Canadian People:
1980 to the Present