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Chapter Weblinks

UNIT 1: New France

First Nations’ Perspectives

Page 5: First Nations’ Cultures
  • Applied History Research Group: Native Civilizations
    First Nations cultures share a connection to the land, which they traditionally used for its resources. Maps on this site show where various First Nations cultures settled across North America, and how they adapted their ways of life to suit their immediate environments.

  • First Nation Profiles
    This site offers information on Aboriginal communities, past and present. Links to specific Aboriginal groups allow students a closer look at what is happening within these communities.

Oral and Written Histories

Page 9: First Nations’ Oral Histories

Europe Looks West

Page 11: The Silk Road

Europe Looks West

Page 14: Colonization in Other Parts of the World

Cartier Explores the Coast

Page 18: Cartier and His Voyages


Page 21: Life in Acadia

Fast Forward: Mathieu da Costa Challenge

Page 22: Entering the Mathieu da Costa Challenge

Spotlight: Samuel de Champlain

Page 24: More on Champlain

The Fur Trade

Page 30: People’s Roles in the Fur Trade

Monopoly in New France

Page 35: The Company of One Hundred Associates

Fast Forward: Today’s Fur Industry

Page 37: Pros and Cons about the Fur Trade Today
  • The Fur-Free Alliance
    The latest news, laws, and campaigns for a fur-free world.

  • The Fur Council of Canada
    A site dedicated to the fur industry in Canada. Animal rights and conservation efforts help to show how the industry is trying to be responsible.

Missionaries to the First Nations

Page 38: Relations Between First Nations and Missionaries

The King’s Colony

Page 46: The Government of New France

The Great Peace of Montreal

Page 49: More on The Great Peace of Montreal

The Beothuk

Page 54: Learn more about The Beothuk

A Unique Society in North America

Page 59: The Seigneurial System
  • The Seigneurs
    Who were the seigneurs, how was land distributed, what rights did people have, how did people make their income in New France? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this site.

  • Daily Life in New France
    Read about day-to-day life under the Seigneurial system.

  • Google Maps: Montreal, Quebec
    View this satellite image of the present-day Montreal area to see how the Seigneurial system of dividing land into strips can still be seen today.

Slavery in New France

Page 66: Learning from our Past: Marie-Joseph Angelique

Towns of New France

Page 70: Histories of Quebec, Montreal and Trois-Rivieres

The Struggle for Canada

Page 84: The Seven Years’ War

The Great Deportation

Page 82 – Life in Acadia and the Great Deportation
  • Acadian Cultural Society
    A page devoted to Acadian culture, the territory in which they lived before the Great Deportation, and where they went after the deportation. Includes a list of links to other sites on Acadian history and geneaology.

UNIT 2: British North America

The Royal Proclamation of 1763

Page 113: More on the Royal Proclamation

Spotlight: Elizabeth Simcoe

Page 121: John Graves and Elizabeth Simcoe

Organizing the Land

Page 124: Land Organization and Life in Upper Canada

The Anti-Slavery Act

Page 126: The Anti-Slavery Act

The Battle of Queenston Heights

Page 131: More on The Battle of Queenston Heights

Spotlight: Tecumseh

Page 132: Tecumseh

The War of 1812

Page 140: The War of 1812
  • Gala Film: The War of 1812
    An interactive website of maps, people and places of importance in the War of 1812. You can also take on-line quizzes to test yourself.

  • The War of 1812: The Western District
    Visit this interactive activity site by the Windsor Public Library to learn more about the war fought in the western part of Ontario. Includes quizzes, games and some videos so you can interact with the information.

  • The War of 1812 Website
    Explore sound and video clips of the war, take quizzes, and watch animated battles.

The Underground Railroad

Page 147: The Underground Railroad

The First Reserves

Page 151: History of First Nations’ Reserves

UNIT 3: Conflict and Change

Fast Forward: The Governor General Today

Page 186: The Governor General’s website
  • Governor General of Canada
    Enter this site to see all the activities the Governor General is involved in. Search for information on former Governor Generals of Canada. By clicking on ‘Contact Us,’ you can see where to address letters to the Governor General of Canada.

  • Canadian Encyclopedia: Rideau Hall
    Read about the history of the official residence of the Governor General.

The Battle of Toronto

Page 188: The Rebellion of Upper Canada

Assessing the Rebellion

Page 200: The Rebellion of Lower Canada

Responsible Government at Last

Page 210: More on Responsible Government

Fast Forward: Canadian Government Today

Page 214: Various Federal Cabinet Positions