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Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, you will examine First Nations, Métis, and Inuit experiences of the imposition of liberalism, as well as examples of the ways in which liberalism is imposed on peoples in other countries today. Through this examination, you will be able to consider the Chapter Issue: To what extent, and for whom, has the imposition of liberalism been successful?

Student Resource Links

Section 1, Nisga’a Final Agreement p. 313
Note: To accompany page 313, a map of British Columbia showing the area covered by the Nisga’a Final Agreement is included here. Source :

Reflect and Analyze, Respond to the Issues #3, p. 331
You may wish to research First Nations, Métis, and Inuit integration of some of the principles of liberalism on the following websites:’Mip%20Resort%20Association%20Media%20Kit.pdf

Teacher’s Resource Links

These links will support activities assigned by your teacher.

Chapter Opener Questions and Answers

Treaty areas @

Treaty 8 @

Treaty map @

Introductory Activity: Synthesizing Ideas Associated with the Imposition of Liberalism
You may wish to further research First Nations’ interactions with government on the following websites:

First Nations overview @

First Nations and National Parks @

Tsawwassen First Nation @

Aboriginals: Treaties and Relations @

Section 1, Background Information on Oka and the Aboriginal Day of Action

You may wish to view the following websites for background information on the Oka Crisis, the Aboriginal Day of Action 2007, and a comparison chart between the White Paper and the Red Paper.

The Oka Crisis at the Historica Foundation of Canada. The Oka Crisis. Histor!ca: Your Place in History. Online @

The Aboriginal Day of Action 2007 @

The White Paper @

The Red Paper @

Skill Path: Whose Perspective on History Is It? p. 317

You may wish to view these websites for historical and contemporary comments on the potlatch:

Background Information Links

These links offer background information, alternative content, and alternative approaches to issues and topics that are addressed in the Student Resource and Teacher’s Resource.


Harvard University Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs @ Canadian Troops in Afghanistan @ Canadian Troops in Afghanistan @

Foreign Policy Research Institute @

Multiple Perspectives – Aboriginal Perspectives

Center for World Indigenous Studies @

Indigenous Peoples and Conflict Resolution: Report of the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples, United Nations Document @

Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples @

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada @

Canada in the Making: Aboriginals: Treaties and Relations @