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Success with Communi-Quête

This section is for you, the Core French Teacher, who has been using Communi-Quête and who wants to share ideas and experiences with teachers across the country. Do you have a Final Task that was particularly successful? Teaching Tips? Activities that expanded beyond the classroom to the entire school, or local community?

We want to hear from you. Send your submission to Carolyn Lutgens, National Sales & Marketing Manager via email.

If your submission is selected we will send you one of Oxford's French-English dictionaries.

Have Your Say

  • Communi-Quête's highly motivating content appeals to the diverse levels of ability found in my classroom... My students enjoyed Communi-Quete's fun themes - they really captivate their interest!... The TRB is so user-friendly! I really appreciated the suggestions for teachers en francais within each lesson. Newer teachers, or those with less experience or less confidence teaching French, have a ready-reference to useful dialogue.

    Terry Jensen
    Grades 8 & 9 Core French Teacher
    Rosedale Middle School, British Columbia

  • Just wanted to let you know how much I like the Communi-Quete's program. The text is colourful and interesting. The workbook has relevant exercises and is well done. I like the dictionary in the back of the workbook. And the price can't be beat. Never mind the whiners who think that the quality of the paper should be improved (at a cost of course). They use the workbook for a month or so and then it's done.

    John Mailloux

  • I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new Grade 9 program. The students are learning through fun and engaging exercises. I have never used a workbook so faithfully as this one! The quality of the actual workbook is excellent, not to mention the exceptional quality of the activities! I highly recommend this program to all core french teachers. The price and the quality are second to none! Thanks for putting so much care and attention to detail into this program! It has made teaching this course a lot easier!

    Janice McKinnon
    Core/Immersion French Teacher
    Ursuline College of Chatham
    St-Clair District School Board