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Publishing with Oxford ELT

Why publish with Oxford University Press Canada?

Oxford University Press has a reputation for quality and integrity the world over. This is a status that we at Oxford Canada are proud of, and with each publication we embark on we strive to maintain the same high standards that helped us achieve this reputation.

OUP is a unique publishing company in that its primary mandate is to support education. Owned by the University of Oxford, the press has no shareholders. All profit is returned to the university. This enables us to better balance commercial and educational aims, which in turn allows us to uphold the authors' integrity in their work and to provide innovative publishing of the highest standard for our readers.

At OUP we are committed to building long-term relationships with our authors. In publishing there is no guarantee that the publisher whose contract you sign will be the one that publishes your book, and no guarantee that the commitment shown to your book will remain following an acquisition. In recent years, textbook publishers have been bought and sold regularly. OUP offers unmatched stability; if you sign with us, you will publish with us.

OUP also offers the valuable benefits associated with a large international company. We have offices and branches in over 50 countries around the world including the UK, the US (OUP New York is the biggest university press in North America), Australia, China, and India, to name only a few. OUP uses its international structure to market its books to a broad readership. Each OUP office or branch carries out a variety of activities to promote both its own books and also titles produced by other OUP branches that it feels will be of particular interest to its market.

In Canada, we have sales and editorial representatives who deal directly with instructors across the country. We produce catalogues and marketing material to support our titles and actively stay informed about developments in ESL learning and publishing.

Market presence

We have an ongoing relationship with bookstores, from small independents to large chains, and many of our titles can be found on their shelves. The prestige, size, and diversity of OUP's lists ensure that these stores continue to welcome OUP sales representatives. This is particularly important at a time of increasing centralization, when book buyers are reluctant to see sales representatives from the smaller publishers. OUP's reputation for the quality of its authors and books is respected not only by booksellers, but by instructors, readers, and librarians as well.

Quality of production

At a time when attention to detail is increasingly threatened by commercial pressures, we still seek to maintain the highest standards. We use professional copy editors and proofreaders, and our in-house designers are specialists. At the same time, we utilize new technologies to optimize publication times, and keep in close touch with authors throughout the production process.

Working well with our authors

When you sign with OUP you will be given a welcome package that includes a detailed description of the publishing process, our responsibilities to you, and your responsibilities to us. We will work together, first to ensure that we create the best book possible, and second to guarantee that the book has every chance of succeeding with readers. We value our relationships with our authors and are constantly looking to improve the way we work as a team.

Manuscript development

We consult closely with our authors at every stage of the writing, editing, and production processes, offering detailed advice when necessary.

Continuing commitment

Our interest in your book does not stop once it is published. We provide regular post-publication feedback, and we are keen to work with authors on new editions. We are committed to keeping Oxford books in print wherever possible.