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Student Resources

Online Exhibits

Roger Hayter, Simon Fraser University and Jerry Patchell, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Exhibit 1.1: Moral Hazards

Exhibit 1.2: Land Use Conflicts

Exhibit 2.1: Advertising as a Scale Economy

Exhibit 3.1: Netafim

Exhibit 3.2: R & D Collaboration between University and Industry

Exhibit 3.3: Rich and Poor Countries and Yali's Question

Exhibit 3.4: Multinationals as Technology Catalysts

Exhibit 4.1: Same Sector, Different Strategy

Exhibit 4.2: New Firms and SMEs

Exhibit 5.1: Seven Up!

Exhibit 5.2: Vignettes of Labour Disputes from Around the World

Exhibit 5.3: International Labour Organization

Exhibit 6.1: Workfare vs. Welfare

Exhibit 6.2: European Union

Exhibit 6.3: Developing Solar Energy in Japan

Exhibit 6.4: Three Roots of Regional Policies

Exhibit 7.1: Social Capital in Kitchener-Waterloo

Exhibit 7.2: Impact of Commuting

Exhibit 8.1: Iraq and Oil

Exhibit 8.2: Sahara's Solar Power

Exhibit 8.3: Alberta's Oil Patch

Exhibit 8.4: Commodities Markets

Exhibit 8.5: Hard Rock Town or Cluster

Exhibit 8.6: Life Cycles of Three Planned Resource Towns in Canada's Mid-North

Exhibit 8.7: Green Development

Exhibit 10.1: P & G

Exhibit 10.2: E-waste Trade and Recycling in China

Exhibit 10.3: Singapore's Garment Evolution

Exhibit 10.4: Canadian Clusters in Comparison

Exhibit 11.1: E-Commerce

Exhibit 11.2: Change and Continuity at 514 Queen St W

Exhibit 11.3: Shopping Clones

Exhibit 11.4: Whistler

Exhibit 11.5: Environmental Services

Exhibit 11.6: Planning for Education Services in Calgary

Exhibit 12.1: Canada - National Policies and Deregulation

Exhibit 12.2: Car Rental Networks

Exhibit 12.3: Hong Kong's Entrepot-based Development

Exhibit 13.1: The Economic Demands of Homes

Exhibit 14.1: The City of London

Exhibit 14.2: Sustainable City Planning