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W. Andy Knight and Tom Keating

Global Politics
ISBN 13: 9780195417173

About the Book

International relations (IR) is one of the four basic areas of study within political science departments. Global Politics: Emerging Networks, Trends, and Challenges will provide undergraduate students taking international relations courses with a text that accurately reflects the state of the globe, offers a clear set of normative views of what global politics ought to be like in the new millennium, and addresses selected solutions for solving global problems.

Current standard texts in the field use a very state-centric approach to IR, and rely on metaphors based on engineering (i.e. 'international system'). The theoretical and conceptual approach used in this book can best be described as critical utopian realism. The authors use a conceptual framework that recognizes the structural constraints on agency that exist within the global setting but, at the same time, always strive to find ways of improving the structures and processes of global governance in pursuit of a new and just global order. The metaphor they employ is that of the globe as a 'network', as in a computer network. This alternative conceptual framework springs from a strong normative position that should produce more comprehensive conceptions and reflections of the turbulent, dynamic, and rapidly changing nature of global politics than do current texts.

The innovative material included in the text has been class-tested extensively at the undergraduate level in Toronto, Quebec, Edmonton, and even Zurich, and has produced overwhelmingly positive responses.

Readership : Introductory courses in international relations offered out of university political science departments, usually at the second-year level.



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