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Global Politics: Chapter Nine

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the 'Submit my answers' button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) 1950s
b) 1970s
c) 1960s
d) 1990s
e) 1980s

Question 2:

a) Siemens
b) Nokia
c) LG
d) General Electric
e) Microsoft

Question 3:

a) Marks and Spencer
b) Wal-Mart
c) The Hudson's Bay Company
d) Unilever
e) Cadbury

Question 4:

a) foreign direct investment
b) Greenfield investment
c) prime investment
d) portfolio investment
e) progressive investment

Question 5:

a) Academics
b) Aristocrats
c) Public servants
d) Trade unions
e) Investment banks

Question 6:

a) 1890s
b) 1930s
c) 1940s
d) 1950s
e) 1990s

Question 7:

a) Latin America
b) Asia
c) Sub-Saharan Africa
d) North America and Europe
e) The Middle East

Question 8:

a) the end of the Cold War
b) American imperialism
c) the invention of the Internet
d) the removal of trade barriers
e) lower costs of production

Question 9:

a) India
b) China
c) Russia
d) Brazil
e) South Korea

Question 10:

a) Millennium Development Goals
b) the Global Compact
c) Corporate Social Responsibility
d) Poverty Reduction Strategies
e) Publish What You Produce

Question 11:

a) True
b) False