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Film Clips, Chapter 3

Political Thought, Philosophy, and Ideology

Socrates: Questioning Philosopher

This video provides a brief overview of the life of Socrates, who was a former Greek soldier and became an intellectual revolutionary. His radical ideas about politics and leadership made him an enemy of Greek leaders, and he was eventually put to death for his teachings.

Philosophy in Prison

American political philosopher Damon Horowitz teaches courses at San Quentin State Prison. One inmate challenged Horowitz on what is right and wrong, and the debate between teacher and student began. Horowitz tells that story in this video, in which he argues, “Our enemy is thoughtlessness. This is philosophy.”

Civil War Drill

The fear of nuclear war led Canadians to practice exercises in case of an attack by the Soviet Union. Broadcasters would have altered citizens, and fallout shelters were built, and drills were tested to provide measures against Armageddon. This CBC video from 1961 story covered the simulated disaster of a nuclear attack. Ideology framed the Cold War, which led to drills and exercises like this one.

This Isn’t Her Mother’s Feminism

As we learn in Chapter 3, feminism takes many forms. For modern feminists, defining the movement can be a challenge. In this TED Talk, author and commentator Courtney E. Martin discusses the seeming contradictions of modern feminism. Her ideas show us how ideology has changed, and continues to change.