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Film Clips, Chapter 6

Political Systems

Turkey and the EU

One of the most perplexing cases of membership in the European Union concerns Turkey. Seemingly incorporated into all the other aspects of European integration, for trade to defence, Turkey has not been able to move beyond its “applicant” status for membership in the EU. Turkey’s non-admission has much to do with politics, government rule, and regional politics. Its formal role in European confederation remains uncertain.

Yes Scotland! Battle for Independence Begins

British news broadcaster SkyNews.com looks at the case for Scottish independence. In 2012 many Scottish entertainment stars (including The Proclaimers, Brian Cox, and Sean Connery) came together to show support for the “yes” side in the 2014 independence referendum. Not unlike the two votes in Quebec, Scots will be given the chance to voice their support or rejection of Scottish independence.

India's Independence Day, 1947

This short newsreel depicts the celebrations in India when it received independence in 1947. British Pathé, or Pathé News, produced newsreels for the British public from 1910 to 1970. This was often the most immediate form of information many citizens received. This video is found at the British Pathé youtube.com channel.

Dustbowl Horrors

This CBC radio clip from 1982 chronicles Canadian author James Gray’s experience in the summer of 1936 during the height of the Great Depression in the Canadian prairies. Coupled with the extreme economic downturn, the “dustbowl” in 1936 described the drought in Western Canada, putting farmers not only out of work, but also at risk for their lives. Heat, sun, and high winds made harvests impossible that summer. The dustbowl contributed to an economic disaster in the prairies, leading some political leaders to push for assistance from Ottawa. This was a big part of the push towards a different form of federalism in Canada, with income sharing across the regions.