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Film Clips, Chapter 8

Political Socialization and Culture

Maple Leaf Flag Campaign

Canada may have officially adopted the Maple Leaf as its national flag in 1965, but the debate raged for years before that. This historical video clip shows some of the many design options that were suggested. The “Native Sons of Canada” were among those that waged a campaign for a new flag (the group also advocated “O Canada” as the national anthem—though that didn’t occur until 1975). Our flag is not among those in this 1958 video, but some of the designs resemble the familiar image of the modern Canadian flag.

Canada: Student Protests in Quebec

The violent reaction to proposed tuition hikes in Quebec got international coverage in newscasts. This France24.com video shows some of the background and issues relating to the student protests.

Mr Bush You Are a Donkey and Other Memorable Chavez Moments

When he was president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez revelled in any opportunity to speak his mind, often during long speeches that would last hours. Never at a loss for an insult for his American counterpart, Chavez called George Bush a “donkey,” and “the devil.” But he also had critical remarks for others, like Spain’s King Juan Carlos, and sentimental moments for his friends, like the time he sang for Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Based in France, euronews.com covers topics of interest to Europe. In this video, several of Chavez’s most famous bon mots are captured for posterity.

Clean Coal

American actor Ed Begley Jr has long been an advocate for clean energy. He advocated for—and used—electric cars when they were first introduced to the market. In this clip from CBC’s The Hour, Begley gives us a brief overview of “clean” coal and some of the alternative.