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Film Clips, Chapter 14


Craign Kielburger

In this CPAC documentary, which first ran in 2006, the story of Craig Kielburger’s campaign for social justice is depicted. In 1996, he began his movement to stop child labour “Free the Children.” Joining with his brother Marc, he later created the global social enterprise organization called “Me to We” in 2008. Craig was struck by the plight of a child labourer in India who was killed, and became an “accidental activist.” Accidental or otherwise, it started a life-long drive for social justice around the world.

Greenpeace Tracks Beef and Leather to Amazon Deforestation

As the text describes, beef production in the Amazon rainforest has put massive pressure on a delicate ecosystem. As demand for meat and leather continues to increase, production in places like the rainforest will rise as well. Deforestation, the process of eliminating flora through burning or cutting, has been widespread in the region as part of the effort to take advantage of growing markets for beef products. This guardian.com analysis describes Greenpeace’s effort to track the link between beef production and the elimination of Amazon rainforest.