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About School

The School Division offers a wide range of resources, from Kindergarten through to grade 12, in the areas of Early Literacy, Social Studies, History, Geography, English Language Arts, Humanities, Economics, World Religions, Reference and French-As-A-Second Language.

The Oxford Reading Tree series and the Oxford Literacy Web series are both comprehensive literacy programs appropriate for children between the ages of 5-12. Please refer to our primary web page for more information on either of these two programs.

Our Primary and Junior web pages within each province list a full range of Canadian core resources for grades 3-8, particularly in the areas of Social Studies, History, Geography, Atlases, English Language Arts and Reference. The Oxford Discovery Series and the Outlooks Series are two of our popular Social Studies programs appropriate for primary and junior students.

For information on "Communi-Quete", our French-as-a-second language program, please use the "search the catalogue" function located at the top of this page, and search by individual title or ISBN.

If you are looking for more senior resources, please refer to our Secondary web page. Oxford University Press Canada publishes a large selection of Canadian-produced core resources in the areas of English Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Geography, Atlases, Humanities, Reference, Economics and World Religions.