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John G. Benjafield

A History of Psychology, Third Edition
ISBN 13: 9780195430219

About the Book

In the new edition of the highly successful A History of Psychology, author John G. Benjafield continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to the key figures and theorists that have shaped the field of psychology. Not only a survey of the long course of human thought and research on the actions and reactions of organisms, this remarkable text also demonstrates the linkages from both one era to another and from one thinker to another. Through precise and clear language Benjafield chronicles the contributions of scores of psychological thinkers and psychologists-from Pythagoras, Lao-tzu, and Aristotle, to Darwin, Abraham Maslow, B.F. Skinner, and Herbert Simon. In this new third edition, figures and tables have been updated to provide students with over 100 engaging examples, including the Golden Section, the Scale of Nature, puzzles, boxes, mazes, Pavlov's experimental apparatus, the visual cliff, the Tower of Hanoi, Darwin's finches, and up-to-date data on the divisions of the APA, to name a few.

The new edition also boasts a new chapter on psychology and history, outlining some of the alternative ways in which one might approach the history of psychology, and a brand new art program featuring 40 photographs of key thinkers and psychologists. Both content and images will be of particular benefit to psychology students who may not have taken a history course before and require some context for such an endeavour. All of the remaining chapters include new references-a total of 186 in all-and all chapters include new coverage of key topics.

Readership : History of Psychology courses offered at the second-, third-, and fourth-year level in university-colleges and university psychology departments.

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