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Avi Chaudhuri

Fundamentals of Sensory Perception
ISBN 13: 9780195433753

About the Book

This comprehensive introduction to the senses explains how physical stimuli are transformed into signals in the nervous system and how the brain uses those signals to understand the world. Whereas most texts in the field begin by covering vision, this trailblazing work offers students a solid grounding in the principles of perceptual measurement and the biological mechanisms that make perception possible before introducing the somatosensory and then the olfactory system. This innovative presentation ensures that students have a firm grasp of the basics before they approach the complexities of hearing and vision, making Fundamentals of Sensory Perception an indispensable introduction to sensation and perception.

Readership : Undergraduate college and university students enrolled in sensation and perception courses, neuroscience programs with courses on sensory biology, and allied fields in the health sciences where fundamental knowledge of biological and behavioural aspects of sensory perception is required.



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