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Human Sexuality: Chapter 15

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the “Submit my answers” button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) If you used a statistical criteria where people’s behaviour is surveyed in twentieth-century Canada
b) If you used a socio-cultural criteria based on norms from Canada in the twenty-first century
c) If you used a harm-based criteria where it is assumed that oral sex causes mental illness
d) If you used a statistical criteria where people’s behaviour is surveyed in nineteenth-century Canada

Question 2:

a) Being a BDSM dominatrix
b) Having sex with an adult who has not given consent
c) Having consensual sex with a classmate who is 16 years old
d) Sucking on someone’s toes during sex

Question 3:

a) In preschool
b) Childhood
c) Adolescence
d) Adulthood

Question 4:

a) Bondage and discipline
b) Sadism
c) Sadomasochism
d) Dominance and submission

Question 5:

a) Masochism
b) Sadism
c) Autogynephilia
d) Voyeurism

Question 6:

a) Stripping at a strip bar
b) Stripping during sex with a partner
c) Walking on a nude beach
d) Exposing his penis to a stranger

Question 7:

a) Intimacy deficits
b) High IQ
c) Sexual deviance
d) Antisocial traits

Question 8:

a) Masturbating and then being punished
b) Masturbating only to appropriate images
c) Masturbating at least twice in quick succession
d) Allowing offenders access to preferred pornography

Question 9:

a) Women’s subjective preference is not as closely linked to physical arousal as men’s.
b) There are too few women with paraphilias.
c) Women may be attracted to something that does not cause physiological arousal.
d) There is no equipment for measure arousal in women.

Question 10:

a) Transvestism
b) Voyeurism
c) Masochism
d) Sadism