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Human Sexuality: Chapter 16

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the “Submit my answers” button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) Intrapsychic
b) Organic
c) Interpersonal relations
d) Socio-cultural

Question 2:

a) It helps couples regain the “spark” in their relationship.
b) It causes dyspareunia.
c) It causes us to underestimate the importance of planning sex.
d) It can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Question 3:

a) Low testosterone is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia.
b) Low testosterone has been linked to problems in women but not men.
c) Low testosterone has been linked to problems in men but not women.
d) There is very little evidence that low testosterone causes sexual dysfunctions.

Question 4:

a) Viagra has a placebo effect.
b) Viagra works well for about 80 per cent of men who try it.
c) Viagra frequently causes priapism.
d) Viagra is most effective if combined with sex therapy.

Question 5:

a) Dyspareunia
b) Erectile dysfunction
c) Low libido
d) Anorgasmia

Question 6:

a) The goal of the therapy is to have penile penetration.
b) The goal of the therapy is to restore a relationship, not sexual functioning.
c) It rarely works on couples younger than 50.
d) It does not address problems of intimacy.

Question 7:

a) It affects sexual interest but has no effect on performance.
b) It increases sexual interest but decreases sexual performance.
c) It often leads to rapid ejaculation.
d) It is linked to dyspareunia in men.

Question 8:

a) Monitoring one’s own sexual performance
b) Being influenced by sexual messages in the media
c) Monitoring one’s partner’s sexual performance
d) Watching one’s partner touch themselves as a means of learning what feels good to them

Question 9:

a) The emotional bond between parent and child
b) A business negotiation
c) Urination
d) Dreaming

Question 10:

a) Low libido
b) Rapid ejaculation
c) Delayed ejaculation
d) Anorgasmia