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Higher Education


Lorne Tepperman and Alex Tepperman

Deviance, Crime, and Control: Beyond the Straight and Narrow, 3e
ISBN 13: 9780195447439

About the Book

Deviance, Crime, and Control: Beyond the Straight and Narrow is a comprehensive text that explores the main theories of deviance, conformity, and social control and the specific types of behaviours that are considered deviant, focusing on appearance, sexuality, mental illness, substance abuse, adolescent risk-taking, street crime, terrorism, corporate theft, and religious and political fanaticism.

The book is organized into 12 chapters. Chapter 1 begins with a general overview of the theoretical approaches to the field of deviance and social control. Chapters 2-10 examine specific forms of deviant behaviour, and finally, Chapters 11 and 12 examine social control and various types and purposes of punishment for misbehaviour.

Each chapter is supported by a robust pedagogical program including learning objectives, reflection points, classic works and current event boxes, critical thinking questions, and annotated lists of further readings, websites, and movies/documentaries.

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