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Higher Education


Robert Arnold

Intermediate Social Statistics: A Conceptual and Graphic Approach
ISBN 13: 9780199012077

About the Book

Intermediate Social Statistics expertly guides students through a broad range of statistical methods, starting with an overview of fundamental concepts such as basic descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, before moving on to more advanced techniques, including two- and three-way crosstabulations, multiple regression and logistic regression, path analysis, and more. Taking a conceptual approach, the text emphasizes teaching students why we use particular statistics, what statistics can tell us, how statistics could mislead us, and what to do to prevent being misled or misleading others. This approach allows students to learn not only how to apply statistical techniques but also, importantly, the rationale behind the various methods and formulas they'll use in social statistics.

Offering a rich variety of illustrative examples and graphics, helpful review exercises, and easy-to-follow instruction, Intermediate Social Statistics helps students master concepts and sharpen their practical skills, allowing them to navigate the world of statistics with confidence.

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