Willard G. Oxtoby and Alan F. Segal

A Concise Introduction to World Religions
ISBN 13: 9780195422078

About the Book

This condensed version of the two-volume introduction covers the major world religions, focusing on six areas: the origins of the movement; the crystallization of its teachings; its major divisions in regional and historical perspective, the practice of adherents and of its religious specialists; its influences on society, literature, the arts; and the challenges of intellectual, social, and technological change to the tradition.

Each chapter opens with a 'Tradition at a Glance' feature that provides basic details about the tradition in outline form. Sidebar features include sayings of the founder or other figures, biographical sketches of major historical and modern thinkers, illustrations of important symbolism and iconography, a map, timeline, list of key geographical sites, glossary, questions, and further readings.

  • One-volume edition suits a short course
  • Each chapter is written to the same outline to facilitate comparative analysis
  • Addresses the complexity of the role of religion in culture and society today and also in historical perspective
  • Basic facts are introduced in table format
  • Sketches and sayings from ancient and modern figures introduce major thinkers of each tradition
  • Contributors are outstanding scholars in their areas

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