Oxtoby Eastern, Third Edition: Chapter 6 - Chinese and Korean Traditions

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) 2365–2245 BCE
b) 2356–2255 BCE
c) 3355–3220 BCE
d) 2255–2485 BCE

Question 2:

a) Zhang
b) Ban Tang
c) Confucius
d) Han Yu

Question 3:

a) Wang Manchu
b) Mencius
c) Zhuangzi
d) King Yao

Question 4:

a) Book of War
b) Book of Court
c) Annals of Zhou
d) Spring and Autumn Annals

Question 5:

a) Di
b) Yin
c) Brahma
d) Ya-hweh

Question 6:

a) the mandate of heaven
b) the commandments of Di
c) the xiangong
d) might makes right

Question 7:

a) 8
b) 21
c) 49
d) 64

Question 8:

a) universal love
b) Goddess worship
c) filial piety
d) worship of Di

Question 9:

a) sinful
b) evil
c) neutral
d) good

Question 10:

a) flourish
b) flounder
c) attain cosmic union
d) ascend to heaven

Question 11:

a) the Book of Heart-minds
b) Admonitions for Women
c) A Woman’s Pillow Book
d) the Book of Inner Advice

Question 12:

a) Madame Zhou
b) Cheng Yi
c) Zhu Xi
d) Fu Ling Yu

Question 13:

a) Carsun Chang
b) Lee Kuan Yew
c) Sun Yatsen
d) Tu Wei-ming

Question 14:

a) Laozi
b) Kungzi
c) Mengzi
d) Huang-Lao

Question 15:

a) scriptural study
b) not-doing
c) virtuous actions
d) undoing

Question 16:

a) inner training
b) sexual yogas
c) frugality
d) mystic flight

Question 17:

a) engages in
b) supports
c) criticizes
d) shuns

Question 18:

a) Red Beards
b) Yin-Yang rebels
c) Green Hats
d) Celestial Masters

Question 19:

a) 1090–1170
b) 1119–1183
c) 875–950
d) 1825–1900

Question 20:

a) Taiping Rebellion
b) White Lotus Society
c) Confucian Fundamentalists
d) Missionary Supporters

Question 21:

a) poly-theistic
b) non-theistic
c) mono-theistic
d) mono-buddhistic

Question 22:

a) the Red Egg goddess
b) a Rice goddess
c) a she-bear
d) the Kim chi Goddess

Question 23:

a) mountain worship
b) concepts of nirvana
c) prognostication
d) ancestor worship

Question 24:

a) Yi Hwang
b) Cho Kwang-jo
c) Yi I
d) Queen Sohye

Question 25:

a) Yun Ch’iho
b) Hyujong
c) Pak Unsik
d) Chonggi