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Julie McMullin

Understanding Social Inequality
ISBN 13: 9780195417340

About the Book

In Understanding Social Inequality, Julie McMullin explores the complex issues surrounding social inequality using a unique 'intersectional' framework. She looks at how the structures of inequality are organized along the lines of class, age, gender, race, and ethnicity. These structures show that inequality involves such important dimensions as power, ideology, and the distribution of material, cultural, and social resources.

The book is divided into two parts that examine the theoretical and practical dimensions of inequality.

  • Part I considers theories of class, age, gender, ethnicity, and race that have been used to explain inequality, and also examines how human agency and social structures act upon each other.
  • Part II uses case studies and examples to look at social inequality in five domains of social life: unpaid work, paid work, health, education, and states.
  • Each chapter includes figures, tables, boxes, Questions for Critical Thought, and an annotated list of readings.

Together, these features make Understanding Social Inequality an indispensable text for courses in social inequality.

JULIE McMULLIN is a professor of sociology at the University of Western Ontario.

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