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Lorne Tepperman and James Curtis

Principles of Sociology: Canadian Perspectives
ISBN 13: 9780195423488

About the Book

A brief version of Lorne Tepperman's and James Curtis' Sociology: Canadian Perspectives, this text introduces students to the study of sociology through an overview of sociological theories and research methods and a discussion of how these are applied to the study of major social processes and institutions. A team of contributors explain key concepts and theories by examining Canadian society within a global context.

  • Canadian content: Written by Canadians for Canadian classrooms
  • Rigorous scholarship: Chapters are written by leading scholars in each area of sociology, ensuring that students receive material informed by current scholarship
  • Comprehensive coverage: Includes discussions of key sociological topics and issues; including a new chapter on Mass Media Communications
  • Theoretically balanced: Surveys all the major and emerging paradigms including structural functional, conflict, symbolic interactionist, feminist, and health
  • International in scope: Integrates a global perspective throughout
  • Engaging tone: Challenges students with compelling examples that they can relate to in an accessible manner
  • Visually appealing: Two-column, four-colour design that includes 39 full colour photographs
  • Rich learning resources: Student learning experiences are enriched by features that include: learning objectives, theme boxes, full colour photos, graphs and tables, and suggested readings and web sites
  • Complete ancillary package: An online Instructor's Manual and Test Bank assists instructors. Students have access to online quizzes for each chapter as well as online videos covering topics discussed in the text

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