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Higher Education


By Sherry Ferguson

Public Speaking in Canada: Building Competency in Stages
ISBN 13: 9780195420081

About the Book

Public Speaking in Canada takes an assignment-based approach to teaching oral communication skills. Instructors can choose from a range of possible assignments, including speeches of introduction, welcoming speeches, informative and demonstration speeches, persuasive speaking, social occasion speaking, impromptu speaking, debates, good will speeches for business or political occasions, sales presentations, project proposals or debriefings, team presentations and much more. Loaded with many examples, sample student speeches, and illustrations, instructors and students will find Public Speaking in Canada: Building Competency in Stages an easy-to-use and comprehensive treatment of communication skills.

  • The assignment-based approach allows each chapter to present the information and skills required to fulfil the assignment that accompanies that specific chapter allowing for maximum teaching flexibility
  • The additive approach builds on each assignment allowing students to apply principles learned earlier in the course while acquiring new knowledge and skills
  • Chapters 1-3 suggest introductory exercises that allow students to consider their ethical obligations as speakers, confront their public-speaking fears, and come to a better understanding of how listeners process information and share responsibility for the success of a speech event
  • Includes material on visual aids and PowerPoint and other software presentations
  • Includes lengthy discussion of informative, persuasive, social occasion, and business and political genres
  • Includes unique assignments such as a coffee-shop discussion on ethics and a speech of welcome
  • Includes an entire chapter on ghost-writing
  • Provides a chapter on the basics of how to put together a rhetorical analysis
  • Provides an abundance of examples, tips from professionals, sample student speeches, and visuals
  • Includes many Canadian examples and speeches as well as some from the United States and Britain
  • Each chapter includes learning objectives and discussion questions
  • Provides an appendix with memorable speeches by historical and contemporary figures

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