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Higher Education


Dr. Brad McKenzie and Dr. Brian Wharf

Connecting Policy to Practice in the Human Services, Third Edition
ISBN 13: 9780195430097

About the Book

Traditionally, human services policy has been made by people whose own lives are unaffected by their decisions. As a consequence, that policy often fails to meet the needs of service users. In this third edition of Connecting Policy to Practice in the Human Services, Brad McKenzie and Brian Wharf suggest that a more inclusive process will produce better results. Following a careful examination of current practices, they look at a number of alternative strategies, including shared decision-making, policy communities, and community governance. This edition has been updated throughout and features a new chapter presenting a case study analysis of policy resistance, new chapter summaries, end-of-chapter critical thinking questions, and an online glossary, making it the most current and engaging text available. Linking Canadian social welfare policy with social welfare practice, this indispensable resource encourages and facilitates participation in a process that has significant consequences for many lives.

Sample Material

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